7 Useful Computer Hacks

The Internet is full of “life hacks” that supposedly make this world easier to navigate. Unfortunately, most of them are not terribly useful.
To create this list, we visited Quora, browsing a thread on helpful computer hacks. From that, we selected the best seven. They are:

1. Find out all the information that Google knows regarding you.

Have to offer Google credit for being transparent, as they’ll show you all the knowledge they’ve collected on you and even what ads they are serving you with. Here’s a full list of information Google provides you with:

History – Your entire Google search history.
Ads – Google stores your interests and served ads based on those interests.
Location History – The places where you used Google to do something.
Takeout – Here, you'll be able to export every bit of data Google knows about you.
Dashboard – An activity page that tells you about all the Google services you're using.
YouTube search history – YouTube saves all of your searches.
Permissions – You'll be able to see here what permissions you gave to the extensions and sites you use.

2. Turn Off Facebook’s video autoplay option.

It can be slightly unpleasant to be scrolling through Facebook and have videos automatically play at you. You can change that by going to facebook.com/settings. On the left side of the screen you’ll see ‘Videos’ – click on it and you’ll be given with a choice to turn off autoplay.

3. Quick reverse image search.

Want to know where an online image came from? Within Chrome, hold 'S' and right-click on the image. Once you do, a drop-down menu will seem, and you can choose “Search Google for Image".

4. Clear cache on a webpage.

If you want to view a webpage with a cleared cache, simply press ctrl+shift+R at a similar time, and refresh the page.

5. How can a computer screen automatically adjust own brightness?

If you download f.lux, your monitor will always have the proper level of brightness, which might even assist you to sleep better. Here’s f.lux’s own explanation of itself: "It makes the colour of your computer's display adjust to the time of day, heat at night and like sunlight during the day."
"It's even possible that you are staying up too late because of your computer. You could use f.lux because it makes you sleep better otherwise, you could simply use it simply because it makes your computer better."

6. Five Computer shortcuts will make you more productive.

Have a PC? These keyboard shortcuts will save you time:
  • Alt-tab: Switch between windows.
  • Alt-F4: Close a window.
  • Ctrl-tab: Switch between a browser and Excel tabs.
  • Ctrl-F4: Close a tab.
  • Ctrl-Z: Undo.

7. Easily turn Chrome into a PDF reader.

Reading a PDF inside Chrome is a solid experience, especially on a laptop. To make that happen, simply drag the PDF file into Chrome, and you'll be able to read it there.

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