What Is RootKit Virus? Complete Explained

What Is RootKit Virus?

A Rootkit is defined as a malicious computer software hidden inside a computer or system and it is undetectable. Although Rootkits on their own may not be harmful, they hide worms & malware. Attackers can have ‘root’ access to the user’s computer or system using a Rootkit. Rootkit virus is considered extremely dangerous for user’s privacy.

What Can a Rootkit Do?

A rootkit gives permission to somebody to take care of command and control over a pc without the knowledge of computer user. Once a rootkit has been installed, the controller of the rootkit has the ability to remotely execute files and alter system configurations on the host machine. A rootkit on an infected computer can also access log files and spy on the authorized computer owner’s usage.

Rootkit Detection

Rootkits are tough to detect Because There are not any commercial products accessible that may detect and take away all known and unknown rootkits. There are many ways to find a rootkit on an infected machine. Detection strategies include behavioural-based strategies Like searching for strange behaviour on a computer system, signature scanning and memory dump analysis. Usually, the only choice to remove a rootkit is to completely rebuild the compromised system.

Rootkit Protection

You can safeguard your system from rootkits by guaranteeing it's kept patched against known vulnerabilities. This includes patches of your operating system, applications and up-to-date virus definitions. don't download files or open email file attachments from unknown sources. be careful when installing software package and carefully read the end-user license agreements.
Static analysis can find backdoors and other malicious insertions like rootkits. Enterprise developers, as well as it departments buying ready-made software, will scan their applications to find threats including "special" and "hidden-credential" backdoors.

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