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Booting, boot up, startup Explanation

Introduction Of Booting

Booting is a startup sequence that starts the operating system in a laptop or desktop computer when it is turned on. A boot sequence is a set of operations that a laptop or desktop computer performs when it is switched on. booting, boot up, and startup is all synonymous and normally describe the long list of things that happen from the pressing of the power button of a computer.

Hard(Cold) Booting Vs Soft(Warm) Booting 

You may have heard the terms hard/cold booting and soft/warm booting and wondered what was meant. Isn't booting just booting? How can you have two different types?
A cold boot is when the computer starts up from a completely dead state where the components were previously without any power at all. A hard boot is also characterized by the computer performing a power-on-self-test, or POST.

However, there are conflicting perspectives on what a cold boot really involves. For example, restarting a computer that's running Windows may make you think that it's performing a cold reboot because the system appears to turn off, but it may not actually shut down the power to the motherboard, in which case it would be applying a soft reboot.

Wikipedia has some more information on what various sources have to say about cold and warm booting.

Note: Hard reboot is also the term used to describe when the system isn't shut down in an orderly way. For example, holding down the power button to shut the system down for the purpose of restarting, is called a hard reboot.
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