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Difference Between Reset vs Reboot: Easiest Explanation

Difference Between Reset vs Reboot: Easiest Explanation

Reset vs Reboot Explanation

Is the same as rebooting? What about resetting a computer, router, phone, etc.? It might seem silly to discriminate them from each other but between these two terms are actually two completely separate meanings!

The reason it’s important to know the difference amid restart and reset is that they do two very different things. There are many scenarios where you need to know which action to perform in order to complete a certain task.

All of this might sound cryptic and confusing, especially when you throw in variations like soft reset and hard reset, but keep reading to learn what’s really meant by these terms so that you’ll know exactly what’s being asked of you when one of these terms shows up in a troubleshooting guide or someone in Tech Support asks you to do one or the other.

Restart Means to Turn Something Off

Reboot, restart, and soft reset all mean the same thing. If you’re told to “reboot your computer,” “restart your phone,” or "soft reset your laptop," you’re being told to shut the device off so that it’s no longer getting power from the wall or battery, and then to turn it back on. 

In Other Words, Restart means to turn something on, possibly without changing settings. When upgrading firmware or software you are often asked to restart. A restart would be probably be used if there were a major change to functionality, while a reset often just changes settings of existing functionality. 

Reset Means to Erase and Restore

Understanding what “reset” means can be confusing in light of words like “reboot,” “restart,” and “soft reset” because they’re sometimes used interchangeably even though they have two completely different meanings.

Resetting is the same as erasing. To reset a device is to put it back in the same state it was in when it was first purchased, often called a restore or factory reset (also known as hard reset or master reset). It’s literally an uninstall-and-reinstall of a system since the only way for a true reset to take place is for the current software to be completely removed. 

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