What is Web Hosting and Web Hosting Provider?

What is Web Hosting and Web Hosting Provider?

A Web hosting provider is a company that rent out their services (Storage for store a data of website/blog) to host websites or blog on the internetOnce the hosting provider hosts your website or blog, Internet users can access it by typing your web address (domain name) in their web browser. 

When they do this, their computer connects to that server where your website is hosted on. The server serves (Display files you have stored on the server) the website to your visitor in their web browser. 
What is Web Hosting and Web Hosting Provider?

Web hosting is generally done in a data centre, which provides services to clients that allow them to publish websites on the Internet. 

There are many types of Web hosting services:

  • Shared Web Hosting: Many sites are hosted on the same server.

  • Reseller Hosting: Users are allowed to be Web hosts themselves.

  • Dedicated Hosting: The user gains full control of the server, but often does not actually own the hardware.

  • Managed Hosting: The client does not have full control, allowing the Web host to assure the quality of the service. The user may manage data using FTP or remote management tools.

Detailed Information About Type Of Web Hosting: Click Here

Those looking for a Web host need to inspect their requirements before choosing a Web hosting service. Some of these may include database server software, software for writing scripts, emails for business purposes, streaming media and the operating system offered. Often the technical aspects of managing a website may be more easily managed if the Web host also provides a Web content management system.

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