What Is Dedicated Hosting? Detailed Explanation About Dedicated Hosting

Definition Of Dedicated Hosting 

A Dedicated hosting server is a variety of remote server that is completely dedicated to an individual, company or application. It is established, hosted and managed by a hosting provider, cloud or MSP (Managed Service Provider).
A dedicated server is not shared with any other individual, service provider or application developer.

What Is Dedicated Hosting?

A dedicated hosting server distributes functionality like a home server but is owned, operated and managed by the backend provider. The user remotely connects with the dedicated server over the Internet to perform server-based services.
What Is Dedicated Hosting? Detailed Explanation About Dedicated Hosting
A dedicated server may be used to host a website, applications, services, data storage, and backup services. A dedicated server also may be used internally for the hosting and provisioning of services, such as executing the dedicated files or network servers.

Security – Clients using a dedicated platform will be able to execute security measures, such as firewall and anti-virus configurations, that are more customization to their own functions; whilst also avoiding the security vulnerabilities that can otherwise be introduced by the activities of neighboring clients on shared hosting platforms. In addition, dedicated servers located within data centers can benefit from the physical security measures that such facilities often put in place, including, for example, biometric authentication, security guards and mantraps. 

Customization – Dedicated hosting allow definite freedom to customization and control that other hosting solutions are not provided. The fact that the server is dedicated to one client and there are no cohabitants means that the server can be customized to the separate needs of that client. This ensures that they can select and pay for the features that they require. 

Congestion – Server congestion is much less of an issue with a dedicated server, especially when compared to shared hosting options. With the latter, you often run the risk of congestion due to the traffic and usage levels of other websites or applications hosted on the same server, competing for bandwidth, disk space, and CPU usage. The nature of dedicated hosting ensures that this is not an issue. It also works the other way; if the website in question is resource heavy then dedicated hosting may be the answer to ensure that other websites are not disrupted.

Uptime –In a world where convenience is everything and consumers are not used to waiting, it is vital to ensure that a website, for example, is functional at all times; site downtime could lead to customers moving on to competitors. Dedicated hosting allows for high performance and stability to ensure that websites and other business functions are operational virtually 100% of the time. To this end, providers should offer server monitoring and backup facilities alongside support services (described below) to keep functions running as perfectly as possible.

Support – Some dedicated hosting services come with a certain level of support. This is important as a high percentage of dedicated hosting customers use the service to host mission-critical or important computing functions or websites. Effective support ensures that site disruption is kept to a minimum. A fully managed hosting provider, for example, may offer support 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

Details of support levels, as well as information regarding reliability statistics, can typically be found in the SLA (Service Level Agreement). These documents can usually provide insight into the quality of a particular service and should be consulted carefully when going through the process of choosing a provider.

If opting for a dedicated server that does not come with any support, it is important to ensure the presence of the necessary knowledge to manage a server effectively. 
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