What is Wireless External Hard Drive And Why You Use It?

What is Wireless External Hard Drive And Why You Use It?

An internal hard drive is essential to your computer. In internal hard drive your operating system, software, and other files are stored But External hard drive also very useful. You can backup your important files in external hard drive when the main system fails.
What is Wireless Hard Drive And Why You Use It?
What is Wireless Hard Drive And Why You Use It?

What Is a Wireless External Hard Drive?

A wireless external hard drive works like a regular external hard drive. The difference here is how it connects to everything else. Wireless External Hard Drive designed to be powered through a physical cable yet mostly be independent of needing any other cables or physical tethering.

All wireless external hard drives come with a power cable, but sometimes it depends on the type of wireless external hard drive you buy, different-different manufacturers offering different-different features.

Some wireless external hard drives may contain extra ports and cables for incidental connecting to a USB socket or for plugging into your Wi-Fi router through an ethernet cable. 

Mostly wireless external hard drives create their own network so it works completely free of your wireless network if you want it to. You can place it anywhere in your home and still access it from all your devices. 

How a Wireless Hard Drive Works?

The wireless external hard drive works exactly the same way as the internal hard drive works. The way it connects to your system change its nature.

It can connect either directly to your WiFi network or by creating its own network for you to join with your devices.

Simply join it with other devices like you would a regular Wi-Fi network, such as by entering a password. It will even show up as a separate hard drive on your PC so you can easily browse your files just like if it was right next to you.

Note: Some of the latest wireless external hard drives also have Near-Field Communication technology built-in so you can touch your NFC-supported device to the hard drive and immediately browse your files without having to join the Wi-Fi network.

Why Use a Wireless External Hard Drive?

A hard-wired solution like a traditional external hard drive is surely cheaper, but that does not mean it's better. There are many great reasons, why a wireless external hard drive can be a better option for you.

Best for a small business: Many large businesses use Network-Attached-Storage devices to keep their data safe, already accessible by all the computers within the office. These units are a central location for all your data, but they are usually expensive. For a small business, a wireless external hard drive is a good cheap alternative. It'll keep the company data secure while making it easy for working collaboratively.

Worldwide use: Numerous wireless external hard drives are accessible from any Wi-Fi network, meaning you could be located somewhere else in the world, far away from home, and simply log into your hard drive to access key files. It's like your own personal cloud service, but without worrying the company will close down or leak your private data or files.

Flexibility: If you have a laptop you move around the home commonly, you do not have to worry about taking the external hard drive around with you. It'll stay connected at all the times without you needing to plug.

Multiple computers can use it: Because it's like anything else on your wireless network, multiple people can use it at the same time. You can back up files to it while your partner is streaming a movie from it. You are not helpless to just one system using it like you would be with a regular external hard drive.

Streaming capabilities: Most wireless external hard drives don't just offer networking capabilities — they also offer ways in which you can stream your media files across devices. Depending on your home setup, that could mean streaming all your family photos to a smart photo frame, using it to stream your iTunes library, or simply giving you a place to store all your home movies that's easily accessible from any device.

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