Android Q Features

Android Q Features

Android Q provides Amazing new features with stronger protections for user privacy, extended support for foldable phones, Vulkan extensions, and more for android users. In this article, you can read a short guide about Android Q features. So let's start:
Android Q Features
Android Q Features

Connectivity Features

  1. Wi-fi high-performance and low-latency modes improved in Android Q.
  2. Support for the WPA3 Wi-Fi security protocol.
  3. Bluetooth le Connection-Oriented Channels (COC) - enables your app to use Bluetooth le Connection-Oriented Channels connections to transfer bigger data streams between two Bluetooth le devices.

Telephony Features

  1. Call quality improvements
  2. Call screening and caller id - identify calls not in the user's address book as potential spam calls, and to have spam calls silently rejected on behalf of the user.

Media and Graphics

  1. Audio playback capture API - gives apps the ability to copy the audio being played by other apps. The primary use of this feature is for streaming apps that want to capture the audio being played by games.
  2. Native midi API - the android native midi API allowing interaction with music controllers.
  3. Media Codecs - Support for the AV1 video codec, the HDR10+ video format, and the Opus audio codec.

Accessibility Settings

  1. Gesture Navigation For Accessibility  Settings - When the gesture navigation feature is enabled in Android Q, users no longer access the accessibility settings by pressing the accessibility button. Instead, users perform one of the following gestures: "Two-finger swipes up", "Two-finger swipe up and hold".
    Soft Keyboard
  2. Controller Enhancement - in Android Q, accessibility services can now request that the soft keyboard be displayed even when the device detects a hard keyboard attached. Users can override this behavior.

UI and System Controls

  1. Floating Settings Panel - allows apps to show settings to users in the context of their app.
  2. New and improved UI - changeable themes, icons, and fonts (in Stock Android).
  3. Dark theme - Android Q improves the old dark theme and provides a new dark theme that applies to both the android system UI and apps running on the device.

Camera and Images

  1. Monochrome camera support
  2. Dynamic depth format
  3. Improvements in multi-camera
  4. High-efficiency image file format

Text Classifier Improvements

  1. Language detection
  2. Suggested conversation actions

Thermal API

When devices get too hot, they may throttle the CPU and/or GPU, and this can affect apps and games in unexpected ways. Android Q, apps and games can use a thermal API to monitor changes on the device and take action to maintain lower power usage to restore the normal temperature.

New Bubble Feature in Android Q

Bubbles are a new feature in Android Q, which helps users to multi-task from anywhere on their device. They float on top of other application content and follow the user wherever they go.

Security Enhancements

Android Q includes support for biometric authentication in apps.

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