Anchor Text and Anchor Text Code

What Is Anchor Text?

Anchor Text is the highlighted and clickable text in a hyperlink. In short, anchor text is a clickable text in the form of hyperlink.
Anchor Text and Anchor Text Code
Anchor Text and Anchor Text Code
For example, in the sentence “Technowap is a technology information website." Technowap is the anchor text.

Anchor Text Code

You can create anchor text using this easy HTML code:

<a href="">Anchor Text</a>

As long as backlinks are an essential Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ranking factor, anchor text is going to play an outstanding role. The keywords in anchor text are one of the many signals, search engines use to discover the topic of a web page.

Variety of Anchor Text

Generic Anchor Text - Generic anchor texts are normal anchor texts like "click here", "read more", or "go here" etc. For example, in the sentence "Click here to download movie," click here is the generic anchor text.

Branded Anchor Text - A link with your brand name as an anchor, like Redbuddy.

Naked Anchor Text - Naked anchor text that links back to a website by simply using the URL (Uniform Resource Locator). For example, and are both examples of naked link anchors.

Image Anchor Text - To diversify your anchor profile you should consider using image anchor text. In an image, Google indicates the “alt” tag as an anchor text. Leaving this empty will result in a “no text” anchor.

Image Anchor Text Code

<a href=""><imgsrc="" alt="alt (text) as anchor text"/></a>

LSI Anchor Text - Full form of LSI is Latent Semantic Indexing. It especially refers to the variations of your main keyword, or so-called synonyms. For example, if you are targeting "News Paper Shop", LSI keywords could include “News Paper Shop Online”. You can see the related searches at the end of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) for each query.

Partially Matching Anchor Text - Using variants of your main keyword to make a readable link.

Long Tail Anchor Text - These are similar to partial match anchor text, except for the fact that they're longer.

Exact Match Anchor Text - Exact match anchor text is the most important type of anchor text. While they play a crucial role in improving your search engine ranking, they also could be the reason you get penalized by Google. As the name suggests, these anchors are the exact match of your target or main keyword. For example, your target keyword is “Google” so your anchor is also "Google".

Backlink Anchor Text - A link who is connect your site from another website known as backlink or external link. The backlink anchor text is the anchor text used by other websites linking to your own website. The anchor text of these backlinks helps search engines determine the most relevant keywords a web page should rank for.
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