What is Rotoscoping & Who Invented Rotoscope?

What is Rotoscoping?

Rotoscoping is a technique used to produce realistic action in physical animation. Rotoscope technique invented in 1915. This technique allows to trace motion pictures and physical drawings frame by frame. The equipment who is used in Rotoscoping technique known as Rotoscope. It includes a glass panel who is used to project images and trace over the images. In the modern era, this equipment replaced by the latest computers but the technique name is the same as tomorrow. Today we use digital software to create rotoscoping, Like Silhouette FX, Fusion 9, Adobe After Effects, or Blender.

Who Invented Rotoscope?

Rotoscope is invented by Polish-American animator Max Fleischer in 1915. That time this technique used in his animated series "Out of the Inkwell". "Out of the Inkwell" was the biggest and popular animated series from 1918-1929. Obviously, This was the silent animated film.
Out of the Inkwell

Popular examples of the rotoscoping animation are "Snow White (1933)" and "Popeye".
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