DirectX 11 Download

DirectX 11

DirectX 11 was launched by Microsoft at an event in Seattle. DirectX 11 comes with the support of improved multithreading for better utilization of multi-core processors. DirectX 11 also provides "Direct3D 11 with tessellation support" and "GPGPU support"
DirectX 11
DirectX 11
DirectX 11 support on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Direct3D 11 is an updated version Direct3D 10.1. All Hardware and API features of Direct3D 10.1 are retained, and new features are added only when essential for exposing new functionality.

In October 2009, Microsoft launched Windows 7 with Direct3D 11 since then Microsoft provided several updates of DirectX 11.

DirectX 11.1

DirectX 11.1 supports "Windows Display Drier Model 1.2" for increased performance and stereoscopic 3D support for gaming and video. DirectX 11 also provided features of improved integration of Direct2D, Direct3D, DirectCompute, DirectXMath, XAudio2, and XInput libraries from the XNA framework.

DirectX 11.2

DirectX 11.2 has some new features: such as Swap Chain Composition, which allows some elements of the scene to be rendered at lower resolutions and then composited via hardware overlay with other parts rendered at a higher resolution.

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