What is WhatsApp Pay? How To Send Money Through WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Pay

Users can use the WhatsApp Pay service from within the app itself. In this, users will be able to transact money through UPI from inside the app. Once fully released, WhatsApp will become one of the largest mobile payment services in India.

The WhatsApp Pay service was till now available in the testing phase for selected users in India. Now the instant messaging app has been licensed in India by the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI). According to media reports, now the company can release WhatsApp Pay service to all users in India in a phased manner. Through this payment service, users can make digital transactions from within the app using the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) of the Government of India. Facebook-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp released this payment service as beta testing in 2018 to around 1 million users, but the service could not be extended to all users due to delays in regulatory approvals.
What is WhatsApp Pay? How To Send Money Through WhatsApp?
Now according to Business Standard's report, WhatsApp Pay will be delivered to about 1 million users through the first phase in India. The company got this license of NPCI for WhatsApp Pay on Thursday after a long wait.

The company launched the WhatsApp Pay service as a testing mode in February 2018. Users using this mode have a 'payment' option inside the app, through which users can perform UPI-based transactions from within the app itself. Last week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told analysts that WhatsApp Pay would be released in several countries over the next six months.

How to set up payments on WhatsApp Pay?

To get started with payments on WhatsApp Pay, you'll first have to link your bank account to the service. UPI works primarily with your phone number, and the service works with all major banks in India. The best part is that even if you don't have a UPI account set up with your bank, you will be able to use the payment option as WhatsApp will create a UPI ID for you. Here's what you need to know:
  1. Open WhatsApp from the app drawer or home screen.
  2. Select the action overflow menu (three vertical dots on the top right corner).
  3. Hit Payments.
  4. Select Add new payment method.
  5. Select Accept and continue to get started.
  6. Choose your bank from the list. This should ideally be your primary UPI account.
  7. You'll now need to verify your phone number. Make sure that the WhatsApp number you're using is the same one registered with your bank account. Hit Verify via SMS to authenticate your bank account.
  8. Hit Allow to let WhatsApp verify that the SIM card is the one registered with your account.
  9. Tap Allow again for WhatsApp to send texts to authenticate your account.
  10. WhatsApp will now verify with your bank and pull up all accounts registered with your number. Select the one you'd like to use to finish setting up payments.
  11. Hit Done to finish setting up WhatsApp Pay.
  12. You should now see the payment method listed in the payments page.

How to send money from WhatsApp Pay?

Sending money via WhatsApp Pay is very straightforward. The payments option shows up directly in the conversation window, and transferring money (or requesting it) is as seamless as it can get:
  1. Select the contact you want to send money to.
  2. In the conversation window, select the clip icon.
  3. Choose Payment.
  4. Select the amount you'd like to send (you can also add a note).
  5. Enter your UPI PIN.
  6. You'll see a confirmation message show up directly in the conversation window once the transaction is done.
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