What is ActiveX? Is ActiveX Still Supported

What is ActiveX?

ActiveX is a software developed in 1996 by Microsoft to accommodate Microsoft's earlier COM (Component Object Model) and OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) technologies.

Primarily ActiveX is independent to work with any operating system but mostly ActiveX controls run only in Windows operating system. ActiveX support the Windows via internet explorer. ActiveX contains specific functionality known as ActiveX controls.
What is ActiveX? Is ActiveX Still Supported

Why ActiveX Used For?

Internet Explorer uses the ActiveX controls to load other software applications in the browser to extend the browser's functionality. ActiveX controls used to play videos, view PDFs, view images and access other multimedia content via a browser.

Is ActiveX Still Supported?

ActiveX is still supported in the latest Windows via Internet Explorer 11.

Extras: Primarily Google Chrome does not support ActiveX but Google Chrome allow to add and use ActiveX through the browser extension.

Is ActiveX is Safe?

ActiveX has complete access to the Windows operating system that's why it is more powerful than Javascript. ActiveX technology is safe because of Microsoft, Microsoft developed a registration system that can help to authenticate and identify an ActiveX control.
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